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Curtis Woodhouse, the former footballer-turned-boxer, appeared on ITV programme Daybreak on Thursday alongside the Twitter troll who he tracked down to his home.

Curtis Woodhouse and Twitter troll James O'Brien shake hands on ITV's Daybreak
Curtis Woodhouse and Twitter troll James O'Brien shake hands on ITV's Daybreak

Photo: YouTube

Woodhouse has received widespread plaudits after he put a Twitter troll in his place by driving to confront him on his doorstep.

Twitter user James O'Brien had taunted Woodhouse for several months before the 32-year-old finally snapped and drove 60 miles to the address of O'Brien to confront him.

O'Brien quickly apologised for his actions and the two never actually met, until ITV Daybreak had both on the couch on Thursday morning.

O'Brien offered Woodhouse an apology and the pair shook hands.

After the handshake, Woodhouse said: "Like I say, it takes a big man sometimes to say sorry and I've done plenty of daft things in my time, so your apology is accepted - it's not a problem."

Asked to explain his tweets, O'Brien said: "I honestly don't know, I was silly and childish. Looking back on it, I realise I had done the wrong thing.

"I can only offer my deepest apologies to anyone I have abused on Twitter. I've let everyone down - friends, family - and I do really feel embarrassed."

On how he felt when he realised Woodhouse had tracked him down, he added: "Well first of all surprised because it's not your average thing on Twitter.

"Secondly, if I'm honest, slightly relieved I wasn't anywhere near the house."


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