Fans offered free porn if France qualified for World Cup, get site crashed in 45 seconds | inside World Soccer

A French porn magnate had his website crashed by an avalanche of users eager to cash in on his promise - just 45 seconds after France sealed their World Cup spot.

The website couldn't cope with traffic driven by people looking for free porn
The website couldn't cope with traffic driven by people looking for free porn

Marc Dorcel is a leading French porn producer and he had followed in the footsteps of the Canal+ weather girl Doria Tillier and made an offer which he presumably thought he wouldn't have to follow up on.

Before the play-off match in Paris, Dorcel offered to remove the pay wall on his website for the whole evening if France overturned a 2-0 deficit to Ukraine and qualified for the World Cup finals.

Once the final whistle blew and France were through with a 3-0 win, the French public turned up en masse.

Just 45 seconds after the final whistle, the site went down - with Dorcel tweeting a graph showing the massive spike in demand for his saucy services.

"Seeing the score change in a positive way, we started to try and beef up our servers and prepare for scalability," Ghislain Faribeault, Dorcel's Vice President of Media, told the French press.

"We decided this operation in a bit in a hurry. But we did not expect such a result!"

Fortunately, Dorcel's company quickly set up a couple of new websites which he publicised on Twitter, and users eventually received the free experience which had been promised.


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