Liverpool fans stage protest against rising ticket prices during Hull game | inside World Soccer

Having been unimpressed with rising ticket prices, Liverpool fans displayed a couple of noticeable banners during their 0-0 draw against Hull City at Anfield on Saturday.

Flags and banners flown at Anfield during the Hull game bore phrases such as "£NOUGH IS £NOUGH" and "Supporters Not Customers", with fans angry at paying up to £59 to see Brendan Rodgers' side.

According to the BBC Sport Price of Football survey, the cheapest match-day ticket at Anfield is £37, more than the Premier League average of £28.80.

While the cheapest season ticket at Anfield costs £710, the fourth most expensive in the Premier League behind Arsenal (£1,014), Tottenham Hotspur (£765) and Chelsea (£750).

"We did this as a symbolic protest against ticket prices. There is growing anger over this," Jay McKenna, chairman of the Spirit of Shankly fans' group, told the Liverpool Echo‎.

"A lot of people just can't afford to go to football matches any more. A lot of them aren't even people with kids and mortgages to pay, even people with few responsibilities are finding they can no longer justify spending £50.

"There is too much else to pay for in life at the moment and people are having to cut back."

In the last decade, ticket prices have risen by 6.5 percent a year, which has left many fans believing they are being outpriced, with the cheapest average season ticket costing £526.

In August, thousands of football fans from across the county marched on the Premier League headquarters in London to demand action to stem ticket price rises.

Liverpool fans stage protest against rising ticket prices during Hull game
Photo: Reuters


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