Greater London and Yorkshire dominate England’s Euro 2016 Group B campaign | inside World Soccer

Coral who recently released their 2016 football counties study have followed up the piece looking at makeup of the England team during the group stages at Euro 2016.

The study showed that while the squad includes a variety of players born all over the UK, the majority of the starting 11's were from Yorkshire and Greater London.

Looking at the team on a wider country view the split is quite even between the north and south with the midlands not featuring too highly.

North x7
Midlands x3
South x9

Looking at individual counties the male up was as follows -

Greater London (South) x5
Yorkshire (North) x4
Hertfordshire (South) x2
Buckinghamshire (South)
Derbyshire (Midlands)
Gloucestershire (South)
Greater Manchester (North)
Merseyside (North)
Shropshire (Midlands)
Tyne and Wear (North)
West Midlands (Midlands)

You can read the whole piece here -

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