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Dog does 'the Poznan' with Manchester City fans after goal

Friday, August 26, 2011

Dougie the doggie has become an overnight internet superstar after he was filmed doing "the Poznan" with the rest of Manchester City fans at Bolton Wanderers on Sunday.

Dougie turns his back on the action with owner Lynn and Manchester City fans
Photo: Manchester Evening News
Turning his back on the action, the five-year-old alert dog rested his paws on his seat and began to bounce up and down as he takes part in Britain's latest football crowd craze.

The moment was captured on camera, posted on the City's Facebook page and a four-legged legend was born.

"The first time he did it was against United at Wembley. I think he saw everyone else doing it and felt left out," owner Lynn Ratcliffe told the Manchester Evening News.

"He tends to do it for the big occasions. I think he senses when everyone is on edge.

"When he did it at Bolton my daughter, Jane, took a picture and I sent it into City for the programme.

"They put it on the Facebook page and it's already got over 1,000 likes and 116 comments.

"I was looking at them earlier and killing myself laughing."

For the avoidance of doubt, the canine is allowed in the ground as his owner suffers from epilepsy.

She added: "I started suffering fits from 1998 when I took a big bang on the head and my social life was really affected.

"But now I can go out on my own with him and my family know I am going to be all right.

"He senses that it's about to happen and nuzzles me or sits at my feet and whines.

"That allows me to find somewhere safe and to make sure people nearby know what's going on. He's changed my life."

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