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Schoolboy suspended for copying David Beckham's haircut

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Kurt Hallam, 15, was sent home from school and told not to come back after he returned from holiday with a blond haircut in the style of David Beckham.

Kurt Hallam got the new haircut on holiday but was sent home when he went back to school
Kurt Hallam got the new haircut on holiday but was sent home when he went back to school

Photo: Nottingham Post

The "pompadour" style hairdo, that features a short back and sides coupled with a slicked back top, is a favourite for the ex-England captain.

However, teachers at Nottingham Academy, the old Greenwood Dale School, in Bakersfield, said the blond streaks are not permitted under dress code rules.

Kurt was put in isolation last Monday after the issue was flagged up and returned home on Tuesday when he was again told off about it.

After agreeing to wash some of the hair dye out, Kurt was eventually allowed back.

"I don't understand how they can claim it is too extreme," Kurt's mum Samantha - a hairdresser herself - told the Nottingham Post.

"You see schoolchildren with bright red hair and they seem to be getting away with this.

"We had been on holiday and he decided to have his hair done. It seemed fine to me."

She added: "He has just finished his mock exams and he has now been really unsettled by this.

"I've washed his hair and it's not quite as bright as it was. I've had a chat with the teacher who was involved but I still don't feel satisfied with the whole process."

The academy is one of 17 sponsored by the Greenwood Dale Foundation Trust.

It said they follow the trust's basic standards in relation to hair, make-up and jewellery and strict guidelines on school dress.

Academy executive principal Kelvin Hornsby said: "Our pupils are ambassadors for the academy and we expect them to represent us in the correct manner.

"We want our pupils to present themselves smartly as we believe that the self-discipline this requires is an important lesson to learn as pupils will find that there is often a dress code in most places of work.

"We provide very clear guidance to parents in our prospectus and pupil planner and communicate regularly with pupils about our expectations."

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