New Atalanta signing crushes rival cars with tank (yes, a tank!) | inside World Soccer

Newly signed Atalanta midfielder Giulio Migliaccio has already managed to get himself into hot water after he was involved in an incident in which a tank crushed two cars.

Giulio Migliaccio is onboard a tank that crushed two cars during a festival
Giulio Migliaccio is onboard a tank that crushed two cars during a festival

Photo: YouTube

The incident took place on Sunday at the Festa della Dea, an annual week long celebration in Bergamo dedicated to their beloved club.

Migliaccio was on board the armoured vehicle driven by a group of Atalanta fans which drove over two cars decorated in the colours of rival teams Brescia and AS Roma.

The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) has now launched an inquiry into the incident while the 32-year-old, who was signed from Palermo last week, insists he had no idea what the fans were planning.

"I was inadvertently the protagonist," Migliaccio wrote in a letter published on his club's website.

"In a party atmosphere, in among a huge crowd of fans, including lots of women and children, I was invited on board a tank which has been going around for years at the Festa della Dea, parading players and staff to salute the people.

"I certainly could not have imagined that, at a certain stage, we would have crushed two cars taken from the scrap yard.

"I only realised when we were already going over them and, since I could not see since I was high up and at the back, I did not know that they had the symbols of two football clubs on them.

"I'm very sorry about the incident. You just have to think that, in my not-so-brief career as a footballer, I have always been instilled with the values of the sport and with maximum correctness on the field."

Migliaccio could nevertheless be punished by the FIGC for his role in an incident which has drawn widespread disapproval in Italy.


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