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Kaká and his million-dollar beard

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Well-known for his baby face and clean good looks, Kaká made a rare appearance for Real Madrid against Tottenham Hotspur last Tuesday sporting noticeable facial fur, but why?

Does Kaká take 'dirty look' to negotiate contract with razor company?
Does Kaká take 'dirty look' to negotiate contract with razor company?

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According to El Economista, Kaká's beard may not have been the result of simply being too lazy to shave for a few days.

Their theory is that the stubble was the player's strategy to renew his lucrative contracts with Gillette, the razor manufacturer that dropped him as a spokesman back in December along with Tiger Woods, Thierry Henry, Rafael Márquez and Lionel Messi - who, unlike the others, became too expensive to retain.

Gillette only maintained tennis ace Roger Federer, hockey star Alexander Ovechkin and baseball player Derek Jeter.

However, the Brazilian playmaker could be negotiating again with the US company because of his splendid conspiracy theory.

Economista suggests that Gillette had been interested in a sponsorship deal and, far from the player merely forgetting to shave or angling for that bad-boy look, he had got wind and was offering his very own "before" to encourage Gillette to stump up the necessary to make a clean-and-smooth "after".

A deal that the newspaper says could be worth $1 million (€800,000) – making Kaká's beard the most expensive in sport.

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