Amauri dreams of Brazil despite mum tells him to opt Azzurri

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Juventus striker Amauri admitted his dream is of playing for the Brazilian national team, in spite of the words of his mother, who recommended him to play for the Italian national team.

Amauri was born in Brazil but he will be acquiring Italian citizenship in the new year, meaning he has a tough choice to make as he is eligible to play for either country.

The 28-year-old has always stated his ambition to play for the Seleçao, but reports over the last month had suggested that he would opt to play for the Azzurri after continually being snubbed by Seleçao boss Carlos Dunga.

But Dunga has slightly opened the door for Amauri and the player wouldn’t reject a call if it preceded his Italian citizenship.

"I know that Italy are considering me, but I am Brazilian," he said.

"It's an honor to know that both teams want me, but if the Seleçao's call up came I would realise a dream. Since I heard Dunga's words about me, I'm the happiest person in the world.

"The passport issue has nothing to do with the Italian national team. I need it to become an EU player, it's important because it could open doors for me, to the Premier League for example.

"Since I have never been called up for Brazil, they are thinking of calling me up for Italy, but for me the important thing is to become an EU player."

"It’s all down to bureaucracy now. My passport could arrive in a few days or a few months. It might be ready for the start of the year."

Earlier, Amauri's mum, Janet Oliveira, has commented over her son's international future.

She told Brazilian website Terra: "Amauri's dream is to play for Brazil, but to be honest, I think he should play for Italy because this country has given him so much.

"My son has had it tough in the past. He had trials for Palmeiras and Santos and he was not picked, no-one believed in him.

"I would be happy for whoever Amauri plays for, even Brazil."

Asked to react on his mother's comments, Amauri said: "She said that? After the interview I will ask her why.

"In spite of everything, my family respects my decision. They all know it was my decision."

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