Beckham: I'm here for football - not fashion

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AC Milan new signing David Beckham insists that he is in Milan for football and nothing to do with fashion and celebrity.

The football superstar is bringing plenty of celebrity buzz with him to Italy. He is married to fashion icon Victoria Beckham and the player himself has done underwear ads for the Milanese designer Armani.

But Beckham claims Milan's status as Europe's fashion capital did not enter into his decision.

The 33-year-old said: "Fashion had nothing to do with my choice in coming to Milan.

"The red and black shirt was everything.

"It was an idea I had and I wanted to find out if it was possible.

"I didn’t know whether Milan and Mr Galliani would accept.

"It was a dream at first but when I asked the question it became reality.

"It’s a dream come true but definitely not about the fashion even though it’s a beautiful place."

Beckham's Milan shirt is sure to become a wanted fashion item.

He added: "The number 32 is one that Milan asked me if I wanted.

"It was probably the first number they offered me.

"I said yes straight away because I would have worn any number to play here."

His wife Victoria sat in the front row during the news conference wearing a slim-fitting short-sleeved dress, black gloves and stiletto heels.

She and the couple's three boys will remain in Los Angeles for most of her husband's stint.

"They're going to be staying in school, but we're going to be coming over as much as we can," she said. "We're very, very excited."

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