Son says Gazza close to death

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Paul Gascoigne's son thinks his dad would likely die soon as the former England midfielder is losing his struggle against alcoholism and mental health problems.

Gazza has been gripped by alcoholism and depression since his playing days - earlier this year, he was sectioned under British mental health laws and arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage in separate incidents.

Considered one of the most talented players English football has ever produced, the gifted player dazzled at the 1990 FIFA World Cup in Italy where he helped his country to reach the semi-finals.

"He's probably going to die soon," the 12-year-old Regan told a documentary called Saving Gazza, which is part of Cutting Edge series by Channel 4.

"I don't think there's any point helping him - we're wasting our time. If I could wish, I would wish that he would go away from us.

"Everyone thinks he's Gazza but because he's the top player doesn't mean he's a good dad or a good person to be with, does it, really?"

In the documentary, Gazza is frank about his troubles.

"I've got food disorder, got bipolar, mood swings, anxiety," he said. "I drank when I was sad. And yes, I must admit I thought of dying."

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