Henry: Messi is like Maradona

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Thierry Henry believes that Lionel Messi is very similar to that of legendary footballer Diego Maradona because of his ability to win games and alter the way a team plays by himself.

Messi came off the bench to score both Barcelona's goal in their 2-1 away win over Racing Santander on Sunday, allowing the club to maintain its 12-point lead in La Liga.

Henry was full of praise for the Argentine forward but while stated that he did not want to add any extra pressure on to Messi, the Frenchman followed that up by comparing him to Maradona.

"I don't want to put pressure on Messi," he told a news conference. "But you have to say it, he is very similar to Maradona - the best player I have ever seen.

"He enters the pitch and does things that only he knows how to do.

"It is hard comparing Leo and Maradona, but his second goal yesterday was a lot like one Maradona scored in 1986 against Belgium.

"It is normal to depend on Messi but we are not going to die without him, even if it is better to have him on the pitch.

"Everyone expects more from Messi because he is a fantastic player."

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