John Terry’s mummies arrested for shoplifting

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England and Chelsea captain John Terry's mother and mother-in-law have been arrested for shoplifting food and clothing worth £800 from Tesco and Marks and Spencer.

According to The Sun, Sue Terry, 50, and Sue Poole, 54, were stopped by police and taken to a security office — where they allegedly laughed as cops turned up to arrest them.

Officers were said to have searched Poole’s VW Beetle car and found bags of M&S clothes which had also not been paid for.

An unnamed source said: "Everyone was gobsmacked when the police realised they had arrested John Terry’s mum and mum-in-law.

"They’re women who want for nothing, yet they were accused of taking cheap gear without paying. They seemed at a loss to explain.

"One said she had no idea why she’d taken sports gear as she didn’t even like wearing the stuff. They seemed shaken up."

A source close to Terry added: "This will come as a terrible shock to John. His mum has never done anything like this before.

"It would be easier if he had the first idea why it happened."

The purses of the Sues were said to have been stuffed with credit cards and hundreds of pounds in cash as they wheeled out their trolleys at Surrey’s Brooklands Shopping Centre.

A store worker said: "It beggars belief."

Terry, who earned £135,000-a-week at Stamford Bridge, yesterday vowed not to let the scandal get to him when he leads England out against Slovakia at Wembley on Saturday.

He said: "It doesn’t affect me on the pitch or off it.

"I came out and trained normally this morning. The lads have seen the headline and that’s it.

"I’ve seen different headlines over the years about myself and other things about my family and you learn to deal with that.

"I can’t really talk about it because it’s a very personal matter."

Solicitor Angus McBride, who represents Terry, insisted yesterday that the women were simply innocent victims of an "unfortunate misunderstanding."

But Surrey Police said the pair were made "fully aware."

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