Titi urges Arsenal fans to have faith in Arsène Wenger

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Arsenal idol Thierry Henry has pleaded with the club's disgruntled fans to keep the faith with manager Arsène Wenger.

It is two years since Henry, the most prolific striker in the club's history, left the Gunners for Barcelona, but the pain he feels at their failure to win a trophy since 2005 remains as intense as ever.

Henry, though, is convinced Wenger can end that long wait.

"It is going to be a difficult task for Arsenal this time and it is vital that everyone keeps the faith," Henry told The Sun.

"The reason I say that is because the boss still has great faith in his players and if there is one man who Arsenal can trust to do the right thing, it's Arsène Wenger.

"He is the man who has put Arsenal on to the European map. Nobody else could have achieved what he has done there.

"The fans should remember that and give him more credit. Some people gave him a hard time last season and he didn't deserve that.

"I know how those supporters feel. Like them, I am Arsenal through and through and we all suffer when the team doesn't win anything.

"Everyone wants immediate success and after four seasons without a trophy, Arsenal supporters have become impatient.

"All I can say to them right now is to have faith in Arsène and know that the first trophy in five years will be more enjoyable than ever."

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