Arsène Wenger: England among World Cup favourites

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Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger believes England are now one of the favourites for the World Cup next summer.

Fabio Capello's men confirmed their place at South Africa 2010 with a 5-1 win over Croatia at Wembley on Wednesday night.

Wenger said in The Mirror: "England are among the top favourites for two reasons: they have all the ingredients to be amongst the top favourites - they’re at the right age.

"This generation is at an age, 28 to 32, where you either deliver or you don’t. They are getting to the age where they can deliver.

"Secondly, they have the confidence and the time to prepare properly.

"They will go to the World Cup, and they have a quality manager. It’s all there to be successful. Fabio has made the right decisions. He came at the right period.

"He’s the right man at the right moment. This team is mature and ready to deliver. They were not four years ago, but they will be next year."

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