Beckham-style haircut reveals cancer lumps on boy

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A three-year-old boy was saved by his trendy David Beckham-style haircut after his parents found lumps on his head.

When Maddox Tallowin's parents, Ben and Barbie, took the scissors to their little boy's hair they were shocked to discover strange-looking lumps on the back of his head.

They rushed him to Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge where doctors identified the tell-tale signs of leukaemia. Within a day, Maddox was hooked up to drips and put on chemotherapy to treat the cancer.

The little fighter spent four months at the hospital, where he celebrated his birthday and Christmas, and he is now in remission.

Mr Tallowin said in The Daily Mail: "It was more luck than anything else that we found it.

"Maddox had a Mohawk haircut. He has really big blue eyes and bright blond hair and it was a cut chosen by him a few months before. But it had got too long, about four or five inches, and it was beginning to flop so I decided to shave it off.

"The sides were short but when we touched the actual mohawk there were these bumps on either side of his neck at the bottom of his head. It didn't feel right so we took him to the doctor."

The doctors have reduced the level of leukaemia in Maddox's blood but he still has to make long trips to hospital several times a week and will need chemo and intensive steroid treatment for three years.

Mr Tallowin added: "It's been an absolute nightmare - one of the worst things you could ever experience.

"But Maddox has always got a smile on his face. Luckily, both our families are very close by and they've helped us out a lot."

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