Lionel Messi says NO to Real Madrid

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Barcelona ace Lionel Messi has insisted that he could never see himself playing for the Catalan's fiercest rivals Real Madrid.

This is in wake of the comments by Real star Cristiano Ronaldo in the past week that he could never rule out the possibility of one day playing for Barça.

In contrast of loyalties, Messi has put the sword to his chances of ever playing Los Blancos or any other club for that matter.

He told Sport: "The truth is that I don't ever see myself in Madrid or at any other club.

"I'm very happy at Barcelona and if it were up to me I would continue here for many years.

"It is true that you never know what will happen but I insist that will never be for me because I want to stay at Barcelona for all the time I have left playing and more."

The Argentine's loyalty and gratitude to Barcelona is in fact unsurprising as he is who he is today thanks to the Catalan club, who took him when he was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency when he was 11-years-old and covered all his medical expenses.

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