Glazers slaps not-for-sale sign on Manchester United

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The Glazer family have confirmed they have no interest in doing a deal to offload Manchester United.

Manchester United fans show their feelings towards the Glazers
Manchester United fans show their feelings towards the Glazers

Speculation has grown since the turn of the year about a likely offer from the group of wealthy fans known as the Red Knights, which aimed at seizing control of the debt-laden Old Trafford outfit.

There had been some hope among supporters that the highly visible green-and-gold campaign launched in January might lead the Glazers to reconsider if the price – which would have to be well over £1 billion – was right.

But the Americans, who bought the Premier League club in 2005, have quashed any suggestion they may be willing to walk away.

A statement on United's website read: "The board noted recent press speculation regarding a possible bid for Manchester United.

"The owners remain fully committed to their long-term ownership of the club. Manchester United is not for sale and the owners will not entertain any offers."

However, the Manchester United Supporters Trust, who launched the green-and-gold campaign, are refusing to buckle, insisting they will carry on their fight.

MUST chairman Duncan Drasdo said: "The last time Manchester United was 'Not For Sale' was back in 2005 and what happened next - the Glazer family bought it.

"It is clear from the reactions on the Manchester United message boards that supporters are not buying into the spin coming out through the Glazers' PR machine.

"If the club really isn't for sale why would they need to say anything at all? Why are they so concerned about telling everyone they don't want to sell? If they don't want to sell they can simply reject any offer. It sounds like the gentleman doth protest too much."

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