Over 160,000 World Cup tickets still unsold

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More than 160,000 World Cup tickets are still available with only two weeks before the showpiece begins, according to FIFA.

None of the 64 games are sold out, and FIFA said they would release an extra 90,000 tickets to the general public on Friday morning.

These tickets will be available from Fifa.com, call centre number 083 123 2010, ticketing centres, FNB branches and Shoprite/Checkers.

The new allocation will be added to around 75,000 "category one" tickets which are still unsold, taking the total number of available tickets to 160,500.

In all, there are 2.9 million tickets for the entire tournament, meaning that stadiums will, on average, be at least 96 percent full.

FIFA believe they can still take that figure up to around 98 per cent, a ratio which would be comparable with past World Cups.

FIFA’s main difficulty appears to be finding buyers for the most expensive tickets. The "category one" prices range from $160 to $900 and so are clearly unaffordable for a vast number of local people in South Africa.

Even so, South Africans have still bought over one million World Cup tickets, taking advantage of some special host prices which started at $20 a ticket. The United States accounts for the second biggest number of ticket sales, with England taking the third largest contingent to South Africa.

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