World Cup ball Jabulani starts receiving complaints

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Adidas World Cup ball Jabulani is starting to receive complaints from players who tried to become accustomed to it.

On Friday, Brazil goalkeeper Júlio César moaned that the new Jabulani sphere for the tournament in South Africa was "terrible, horrible. It's like one of those balls you buy in the supermarket."

The Inter Milan shot-stopper isn't the first goalkeeper to complain about the official World Cup ball.

Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas said after Spain’s 3-2 win over Saudi Arabia in a pre-tournament friendly: "It’s a little sad that in a competition as big as the World Cup to have such a poor ball. It’s not just the goalkeepers complaining, but the outfield players as well."

France No 1 Hugo Lloris called it "catastrophic" during training this week and said that it wreaked havoc especially when playing at altitude.

The Jabulani, which means happy or rejoice in Zulu, was developed by adidas in conjunction with academics at Loughborough University.

The revolutionary design features eight moulded panels and a "grip and groove" texture, which is claimed to provide "unmatched flight characteristics".

Eleven colours are used on the ball, representing a team’s 11 players as well as the 11 official languages of South Africa and the 11 tribes that make up the Rainbow Nation.

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