Yahoo! signs David Beckham as global sports ambassador

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Soccer superstar David Beckham has become the first "global sports ambassador" for Yahoo!, fronting ads and providing exclusive for the forthcoming World Cup.

Beckham, initially signed to work with Yahoo! until September, will start appearing in a major ad campaign.

David Beckham in Yahoo! ads
In the UK it will use poster sites, the London Underground and newspapers including Metro and London Evening Standard, but does not include TV commercials.

The former England captain will also feature in the second phase of Yahoo! Global "It’s You!" marketing campaign, which will run during the World Cup in selected markets. It aims to drive people to Yahoo! by highlighting its exclusive products, services and experiences.

The deal will also see the launch of a David Beckham online channel within Yahoo! Sport’s coverage, where he will share his thoughts and his experience on playing in three World Cups.

Fans will also be able to ask him questions about the upcoming football season through various Yahoo! channels, including Yahoo! Answers, Y!Mail and Y!Messenger.

"Yahoo! has a true personal relationship with its users and is an online leader in sports content across the globe," said Beckham.

"Yahoo! will allow me to interact one-on-one with as many football fans as possible talking about the game I love."

Elisa Steele, Yahoo!'s chief marketing officer, added: "Yahoo! is all about providing users with content that engages and excites them around their passions, and who other than a global personality like David Beckham to deliver just that for football fans.

"David's experience in three consecutive World Cup championships combined with his club experience in both Europe and the US gives him a unique perspective on football and the World Cup and we are happy to broadcast his message to our nearly 600 million users."

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