Footballer tries to pay prostitute with iPhone, steals her purse, caught by transvestite

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Ousmane Dramè has been suspended from Italian Serie C side Lecce after a crazy tale involving a prostitute, an iPhone 5, a robbery and a transvestite.

Ousmane Dramè has only made two appearances for Lecce this season
Ousmane Dramè has only made two appearances for Lecce this season

According to reports, the 20-year-old was looking to spice up his sex life when he cut a deal with a Nigerian lady in the early hours of Monday morning.

Dramè, who was short on cash, allegedly got the prostitute to agree to have sex with him in exchange for a brand new iPhone 5.

But the French winger shirked on the deal afterwards, stealing her purse and all her cash.

Dramé fled from the scene of the crime on a bicycle before being chased down by a transexual friend of the robbed prostitute.

He then injured the transexual as they wrestled for the purse and has also now been charged in relation to this incident too.

Lecce then published a statement on their official website, claiming they would suspend Dramé and terminate his contract if the "facts were confirmed" by the imminent police investigation.

They also hinted that they may take legal action against the young French forward for tarnishing the club's image.

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