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A 12-year old girl has been woken from a 15-day coma by the soothing voice of her idol, Alessandro Del Piero.

So apparently Alessandro Del Piero has healing power?
So apparently Alessandro Del Piero has healing power?

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Giada, a massive Bianconeri fan, fell ill and reportedly slipped into a coma while watching Juventus' 2-0 win over Atalanta on January 22nd.

Her distraught parents then approached Del Piero and asked if he would send a message of support for their stricken daughter.

Without hesitation, Del Piero agreed to try and recorded audio and video messages urging Jade to awake and come to Turin.

In the message, the Juventus legend said: "Hello Giada, I'm Alessandro Del Piero. I hope you can wake up as soon as possible so you can watch many more Juventus games and come and meet us all."

The very first time the message was played, something happened.

The girl's father, Francesco, told Italian news agency ANSA: "That night (after listening to the message) something special happened.

"First she moved her hand and then after a few hours she called out 'mamma'."

Giada's first request after waking up may have disappointed Del Piero though, as she did not request to meet her footballing hero, but instead asked for a bowl of ice cream.

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