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Fiorentina have sacked coach Delio Rossi after he physically attacked his own player Adem Ljajić during the club's 2-2 draw with Novara on Wednesday.

Fiorentina coach Delio Rossi is seen fighting with one of his own players Adem Ljajić
Fiorentina coach Delio Rossi is seen fighting with one of his own players Adem Ljajić

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Ljajić was substituted just 36 minutes into the match by Rossi and and as he made his way to the bench, the 20-year-old Serbian sarcastically applauded and gave a thumbs up to the coach.

Rossi was furious with the response and attacked Ljajić, grabbing him by the neck before punching him in the head as the pair fell into the dugout.

And Rossi paid the price for his moment of madness as he was sacked just hours after the final whistle.

"Unfortunately, it was a serious incident and it's all the more amazing considering he is such a calm person, but we had to fire the coach," club owner Andrea Della Valle said.

"In recent years this club has done great things with certain values and unfortunately we had to take this decision to sack the tactician. Tomorrow morning we will take more decisions and there will be time to find a replacement.

"We talked and he gave his explanation. He is ready to apologise, as he is such a good man, as proved throughout his career, but I had to make this decision.

"We are sorry for Rossi, as he does not deserve to be seen all over the world acting this way, but it was a serious incident and we had to fire him.

"There has been so much stress that accumulated over the last few months, although there can be no justification. When he sees the footage too, he will realise exactly what happened.

"There will also be punishment for the player, as he provoked the coach, even if there should not have been such a reaction."

For his sins, Rossi released a statement on Fiorentina's official webite: "In a few seconds months of stress came out. I am sorry because the coach has never committed acts of this kind.

"For his own good to make him understand he has made a mistake I had to take this decision. No provocation justifies this reaction."

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