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A Polish football fan was arrested for throwing his TV out of a third floor window when Russia scored against Poland at Tuesday's Euro 2012 match.

This is what will happen when a TV is thrown out of a window
This is what will happen when a TV is thrown out of a window

The man was so distraught when Alan Dzagoev put Russia ahead just before half-time that he simply hurled his TV out of the window, where it crashed to the ground and exploded.

"When Russia scored the first goal, the man was so overcome by emotion that he took his old television and simply chucked it out the window," Tomasz Czerniak, spokesman for the municipal police, told AFP.

"Fortunately no one was around, so the television just fell, exploded, but no one was injured."

Neighbours in the southern Polish city of Sosnowiec immediately called the police, who showed up on the scene within minutes and arrested the 46-year-old, described by witnesses "uncooperative and heavily drunk".

Since the was escorted from his home by police at half-time, that meant he missed the second half of the game, when Poland scored an equaliser, making the final score a 1-1 draw.

And Czerniak confirmed that he did not even know whether the man had yet discovered the good news yet.

"He'll find out soon enough and then he'll realize he jumped the gun. He should have shown some patience," he added.

"As they say, 'anything can happen when the ball is in play,'" he added.

The angry fan will not only have to splash out on a new TV, he also faces a 500-zloty fine - that's roughly $144.

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