Edgar Davids orders Barnet's team bus to pick up stranded fans | inside World Soccer

Barnet travelling supporters had a lot to thank Edgar Davids for after the Dutch player-manager rescued them on the hard shoulder of the motorway last weekend.

Player-manager Edgar Davids was hero of the day for 36 Barnet travelling supporters
Player-manager Edgar Davids was hero of the day for 36 Barnet travelling supporters

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The fans were making their way back to London after watching their side suffer a 3-2 defeat at Accrington Stanley, in which Davids was sent off after a second booking.

Already downbeat following a disappointing result, the 36 Barnet fans found their long journey home delayed by a failed gearbox on the otherwise ever-reliable supporters bus.

For an hour they waited on the side of the highway passing round food and drinks before the first-team's bus rolled by.

Noticing the familiar black and amber shirts and scarves, the first-team bus hooted as it passed.

But to the away fans' delight, just ten minutes later the same bus returned to collect the stranded supporters.

The coach driver explained that Davids had asked to drop all the players off at the next services before going back to collect the supporters and bring them to the service station where he bought them coffee while they waited.

"I saw the coach on the side of the high way with some of the supporters standing outside in the cold," Davids told The Telegraph.

"It was the least I could do for my team, to send the coach back to pick them up so they don't stand in the cold.

"Shortly after the coach had arrived it started to rain, I was glad I did it. No man left behind!"

A gloomy day for Bees fans was given a silver lining as the players gladly chatted to supporters and posed for photos until a replacement coach arrived to transport the fans home.

"It reminded me of why I support Barnet Football Club. It's like being part of a family. We feel a part of it and we feel that we really matter to the club," supporters coach regular Viv O'Grady told the club's website.

"I thought the players might be humpy after the result and the delay in their journey but they were all lovely and happy to talk to us.

"We all thanked Edgar Davids for the gesture but he said it was us who deserved to be thanked for all of our support."