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Following the international sensation of the vuvuzela, World Cup 2014 hosts Brazil have come up with their own instrument that produces a horrific sound - the caxirola.

If you thought vuvuzelas were annoying, just wait for this
If you thought vuvuzelas were annoying, just wait for this

Photo: Reuters

Fans who attended and even those who watched the action at home, will never forget the infuriating sound of the vuvuzela at the 2010 World Cup finals in South Africa.

Measurements put the sound of the vuvuzela at 127 decibels, just short of the sound level generated by a jet taking off from an aircraft carrier at a distance of 50ft.

Well now the Brazilians have come up with their own version, which has been carefully designed to sound considerably less grating.

The caxirola, pronounced ka-shee-raw-la, is a hand-held rattle or shaker that makes a noise said to evoke that of falling rain

Unlike the vuvuzela, which has historical cultural significance in South Africa, the caxirola has been designed especially for use in stadiums.

Made in green and yellow from recycled plastic, the noisy implement will be distributed free to fans attending the match between Bahia and Vitória on April 28 at the newly opened Estádio Fonte Nova World Cup stadium in Salvador.

"I believe that the caxirola is not only a part of football but of our country's immense capacity to make an instrument that is much more beautiful than the vuvuzela," Brazil president Dilma Rousseff said during an event in Brasília.

"I am sure that children in particular are going to have a fantastic experience with the caxirola.

Brazilian musician Carlinhos Brown worked with FIFA and Brazil's ministry of sports to create this "masterpiece".

Rousseff added: "Carlinhos told me that it has a transcendental sense of healing, peace with the world and to be spiritually in tune with nature."


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