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A linesman lost his composure during a game and launched a vicious assault on one of the players in one of the most shocking incidents of football violence seen this season.

Raging Chechen linesman Musa Kadyrov punches and kicks Amkar player Ilya Krichmar
Raging Chechen linesman Musa Kadyrov punches and kicks Amkar player Ilya Krichmar

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The incident occurred at the end of a Russian league reserve match in Grozny between Amkar Perm and local side Terek last Friday.

Split-seconds after time had been called, a raging Chechen linesman Musa Kadyrov dropped his flag and ran onto the pitch, attacking startled Amkar defender Ilya Krichmar.

"The ref blew the final whistle and I started walking to our bench, when suddenly someone came from behind, pushed me to the ground and began kicking and punching me," Krichmar told reporters.

"Terek players then joined the attack. Someone grabbed me by the throat, another hit me... bloodying my face.

"Thank God, my teammates came to the rescue."

Kadyrov said Krichmar had insulted him but the player denied the allegation.

The 18-year-old added: "We weren't happy with the officiating, words had been exchanged but I had never said anything personal about him or his mother. I know how sensitive Chechen people are."

Former FIFA referee Alexei Spirin, who was working as an assessor of the match, was left shocked by the episode.

He said: "In all my refereeing career I have never seen anything like it.

"This guy should not be a referee. He had no clue about rules, even worse, attacked a player.

"On a scale of one to 10, I'd give him a zero and I'm writing a special report. He should not be allowed to officiate again."

And as a result of the incident, Kadyrov has been banned from officiating at professional and semi-professional matches for life.


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