Hollywood developing Rocky style movie of Lionel Messi | inside World Soccer

Epic Pictures Group will finance and produce a Rocky style movie version of the life of football superstar Lionel Messi.

It won't be long until Lionel Messi's name is up in lights in the movie world
It won't be long until Lionel Messi's name is up in lights in the movie world

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According to Variety magazine, the company has acquired all rights to the biography "MESSI: The Inside Story of the Boy Who Became a Legend" (originally published as "MESSI: The Boy who could not Grow") by renowned European sports journalist Luca Caioli.

Epic directors, Patrick Ewald and Shaked Berenson, are currently negotiating with scriptwriters and directors to get the project up and running to ensure it will be ready for screening in time for next year's World Cup kick off.

Ultimately, this is a Rocky style tale about a young boy from humble beginnings who overcomes his physical disadvantages, especially his 5-foot-7-inch height, to become one of the greatest players of all time.

"The goal is to make a powerful and positive film that will leave audiences feeling inspired to go after their dreams no matter how impossible they may seem," said Ewald.

Berenson added: "The amazing story of Lionel Messi will appeal to people both young and old. Audiences will be uplifted by this incredible tale of fighting for your dreams."

Attention will now no doubt turn to who will play the Barcelona forward, but whoever it is, they'll do well to better Sylvester Stallone's attempts in Escape to Victory all those years back.