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Australia coach Holger Osieck has been caught on camera making an ill-advised sexist joke, saying "women should shut up in public".

Australia coach Holger Osieck has apologized for saying 'women should shut up in public'
Australia coach Holger Osieck has apologized for saying 'women should shut up in public'

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Osieck made the comment as he prepared to face the media after his team's World Cup qualifying win over Jordan on Tuesday evening.

The German was taking his seat in the press conference room when he talking to a journalist: "You want to sit here? You push me around like my wife."

He added: "There is a saying, it is a very... er... women should shut up in public.

"I say it to my wife at home, it is a private one, okay."

Upon realizing that the comment was being recorded, a smiling Osieck continued: "And you record that one as well? I am going to be the darling of all Australian wives."

The 64-year-old then apologized for his remarks but qualified his apology by saying it was off the record and said only as a joke.

He told a news conference at Melbourne Airport: "I got information it created waves. That was not the intent. To everyone offended, I sincerely apologize.

"It was off the record, it was more a funny remark. It was nothing against any women or whatever. Definitely just a complete misunderstanding. It was more meant as a joke to the journalist who asked me. There was no serious approach in it - 100 percent not."

Despite the apology, Olsieck may not be out of trouble yet.

The former West Germany assistant coach added: "I don't know if my wife knows, but I will probably be in trouble when I get home."


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