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Nice midfielder Kévin Anin is in a serious condition after being placed into an induced coma following a car accident earlier this week.

After being involved in a serious car accident, Kévin Anin may never play football again
After being involved in a serious car accident, Kévin Anin may never play football again

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The 26-year-old was reportedly asleep in the back of the car when the driver lost control shortly before midnight on Monday, resulting in the vehicle sliding off the road and turning over several times.

Anin is reported by French media to have suffered serious spinal injuries before being taken to University Hospital of Rouen.

Reports suggest the former Le Havre player may lose the use of his legs following the accident.

"I'm not here to do a medical check, or give a diagnosis, it is not my role," Nice president Jean-Pierre Rivère told a press conference.

"The news is not reassuring. The only certainty is that the accident is serious, and the consequences on the life of Kévin will be huge."

Anin made only 13 appearances for Nice last season after suffering from mental health problems.

Rivère said that the player had been in better spirits after the conclusion of the campaign and had been looking to starting afresh next term.

He added: "Kévin is an unusual but very endearing and nice boy.

"This season the club rallied to give him joy. He was smiling again.

"The end of the season was more difficult, but it was not serious and we were ready to go at it with new impetus. Now the momentum is broken."

Asked about his prospects of playing again, the supremo replied: "It is not his career that concerns me, it's his health.

"The goal for us will be to help as long as possible. The club will be there. Kévin is one of ours."

News of the accident was met with an outpouring of support on social media, with fellow professionals tweeting their comments and a Facebook page set up for fans to have their say.

Rivère said: "We are very touched by the support shown by the world of football.

"In the state in which he finds himself, Kévin may not be aware of this.

"But we will continue the dialogue with his family and try to bring him a little support."


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