Swiss club to hire strippers for pre-match show in bid to attract fans | inside World Soccer

Swiss outfit FC Luzern have come up with an ingenious way to raise crowds at their home games by employing strippers to perform before each and every home game.

FC Luzern could be a far more attractive proposition this season
FC Luzern could be a far more attractive proposition this season

Luzern have started the season well, unbeaten after five games, but club's owner Bernard Alpstaeg is unhappy with the size of the crowds at the Swissporarena.

And the 68-year-old is willing to do whatever it takes, even if it includes hiring a number of scantily clad ladies to remove their clothes and dirty dance in a pre-match show.

"We are doing well this season and we have a great team, but we can be even more attractive," Alpstaeg told Swiss daily Blick.

"I want a show before kick-off. Preferably scantily clad, sexy dancers to entertain fans before the game. The stadium would be full - guaranteed!"

Alpstaeg has already chosen the ladies he wants, and has submitted his proposal to the Swiss Football League authorities.

One obstacle to overcome is the fact that league rules state that only players and TV crews can be on the pitch in the hour before kick-off.

SFL chairman Edmond Isoz explained: "Because we carry every game live on TV, we must adhere to a strict timetable. The countdown begins an hour before the game.

"The teams begin to warm up on the field about 45 minutes before kick-off. At least 10 minutes before kick-off players and referees must be in the dressing rooms. About 5 minutes before the start they gather in the players' tunnel.

"Accordingly, there is no time and no space for these shows."