Ex-Gunner Nelson Vivas resigns as coach in Argentina after punching fan | inside World Soccer

Former Arsenal player Nelson Vivas has left his position as Quilmes coach after attacking one of his own fans in the stands.

Nelson Vivas was used by Arsenal primarily as back-up player between 1998 and 2001
Nelson Vivas was used by Arsenal primarily as back-up player between 1998 and 2001

Photo: PA

At the end of Quilmes' 1-1 draw at home to Atlético Rafaela on Friday, Vivas reacted badly to a haranguing from a fan, who yelled: "Referees are robbing us and you're doing nothing about it!"

The red mist descended and Vivas landed three punches on the abusive fan before being restrained by stadium staff.

Vivas remained in charge in the immediate aftermath, and even led training on Monday morning, but was then reported to have tendered his resignation, which was accepted by the board of directors.

Quilmes President Aníbal Fernández told Radio La Red: "He came to my office and handed in his resignation. He is aware he messed up and realises the situation is uncomfortable for the team and regrets his actions.

"We are all committed to ending this subject of violence and we cannot commit errors of this sort.

"Professionals like Vivas can't get angry about these things. He must show courage and keep control of the situation. What happened was crazy.

"For a coach, or a politician, or a policeman, this abuse is part of the job. If we are going to 'take out the chain' each time they abuse us, that is not keeping your composure."

The good news for Vivas is that the supporter isn't planning on pressing charges.

The fan said: "I'm not going to press charges, I don't need his apologies. He had the bad luck to be filmed."