Pitch invader punches Leyton Orient goalkeeper in the face | inside World Soccer

Leyton Orient won 3-1 at Swindon Town on Saturday but the victory was marred by an unsavoury incident in which a fan ran onto the pitch to throw punches at visiting goalkeeper Jamie Jones.

A pitch invader is being restrained after punching Leyton Orient goalkeeper Jamie Jones
A pitch invader is being restrained after punching Leyton Orient goalkeeper Jamie Jones

Photo: PA

The incident happened in the second half of the League One game with the Swindon support growing increasingly frustrated at some of the referee's decisions.

And one fan decided to take matters into his own hands, jumping out from the crowd and approaching Jones before throwing punches in his direction.

Jones was thankfully unhurt and able to finish the match while the supporter was arrested immediately.

"It was a great win but it was clouded by the fan coming on to the pitch and throwing three punches at my goalkeeper," Orient manager Russell Slade said after the game.

"It was totally unbelievable - the worst scene I have seen since I have been a manager.

"Jamie is okay but it doesn't make it right, it is outrageous. He needs a ban for life and should never go to another football match."

Swindon chairman Jed McCrory issued a swift apology to Jones and vowed to ban the offender.

He told the Swindon Advertiser: "We will be speaking to the police with reference to their report next week.

"We don't condone any actions where supporters come on to the pitch and, if found guilty, he will receive a ban.

"We apologise to Jamie Jones, the Leyton Orient board members and their supporters and will review the stewarding around the ground to make sure this doesn't happen again.

"I would also like to mention that overall the Swindon Town fans during my time at the club have been impeccable. We don't want one incident to ruin the club's supporters' reputation for being a fun and well-behaved crowd both home and away."


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