Cristiano Ronaldo invites Polish boy who recovered from coma to Real Madrid game | inside World Soccer

A heart-warming story involving Portugal and Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has come out over the weekend.

14-year-old Dawid Pawlaczyk from Poland was involved in an accident last year after he was hit by a car while riding a bike, and as a result the boy fell into a three-month long coma.

Apparently, his parents knew about his love for Ronaldo, and so brought his favourite Madrid bed sheets to the hospital. More so, they even played the Madrid and Portugal games so that Dawid could listen to them through his headphones.

Then, three months later, the boy opened his eyes on the same day Ronaldo had scored in Portugal's World Cup qualifying play-off with Sweden.

According to Polish magazine Fakt, when contacted by the news agency, Ronaldo reacted immediately and invited Dawid and his family to the Bernabéu to watch Los Blancos play Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League while taking care of all the costs.

After the match, Ronaldo met Dawid and the pair took a couple of photos together. Ronaldo gave him his match-day shirt and autograph, whilst Dawid gifted him a red and white Polish scarf.


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