Paddy Power gives chance for Liverpool fans to swap Mario Balotelli shirts | inside World Soccer

In a hilarious stunt by Paddy Power, disgruntled Liverpool fans were offered the opportunity to swap their Mario Balotelli shirts for a true legend shirt.

The Italian striker disgusted Liverpool fans on Wednesday night when, after a dreadful 45-minute display, he swapped shirts with Pepe on the pitch at half-time during Real Madrid's 3-0 win at Anfield.

And bookmaker Paddy Power is cashing in on the controversy by setting up a swapshop outside Anfield, where you can swap your Balotelli shirt for one's with the names of Liverpool legends like "Rush" and "Fowler".

"You can understand why the Liverpool fans are getting shirty," said a Paddy Power spokesperson.

"The performances have been less Super Mario and more Luigi. The lack of goals wouldn't be quite as frustrating if he made more of an effort.

"We stepped in as it seems only fair that if Balotelli doesn't want his shirt, fans shouldn't have to keep on going round with his name on their backs."


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