Noel Gallagher trolls Gary Neville by defacing his guitar after being asked to sign it | inside World Soccer

Gary Neville is a huge Oasis fan but the Manchester United defender got more than he bargained for when he asked the band's former frontman Noel Gallagher to sign one of his guitars.

Neville interviewed Gallagher ahead of last weekend's Manchester derby and the Sky Sports pundit asked the former Oasis songwriter and lead guitarist to sign his Union Jack guitar.

An avid Manchester City fan, Gallagher jumped on the opportunity by vandalising the guitar with a personalised message for the 39-year-old.

Neville then uploaded pictures of both sides of his defaced guitar to Twitter.

The full message reads:

Dear Gary,

How many caps have you got for England!! How many do you think you deserved? I'll tell you. Fuckin' none!!

Lots of love,

Noel Gallagher



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