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Euro 1980-2008 mascots

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Euro 1980
in Italy
Pinocchio Euro 1980 mascotPinocchio
The first mascot to introduce in the European Championship finals. Looked like Gepetto's little wood boy. It had long nose with a paper hat wroted "EUROPE 80".

Euro 1984
in France
Peno Euro 1984 mascotPeno
A rooster which represent the symbolic of France as the host nation. It has number 84 on the left side chest and its outfit is the same as the French national team, blue shirt, white short and red socks. It also wearing white gloves and black sporting shoes.

Euro 1988
in West Germany
Berni Euro 1988 mascotBerni
It shows a rabbit, wearing a black T-shirt and a red trouser, kicking a ball. It also wearing a white wrist band on both the wrists and a white headband as well.

Euro 1992
in Sweden
Rabbit Euro 1992 mascotRabbit

Like its name, the mascot was a rabbit figure. Its outfit is the same as the Swedish national team, yellow shirt that had blue borders in the collar and both the hands, blue shorts and yellow socks with blue bands.

Euro 1996
in England
Goliath Euro 1996 mascotGoliath
The mascot was an animated figure of a lion, wearing a white shirt and a navy blue trouser and holding a ball.

Euro 2000 in
Benelucky Euro 2000 mascotBenelucky
It was a lion-devil with its hair color being a combination of the flag colors of both host nations. The name Benelucky was selected to wish best luck to all the participating countries in Euro 2000.

Euro 2004
in Portugal
Kinas Euro 2004 mascotKinas
The mascot was a boy named Kinas, who dressed in the national team's jersey (red shirt and green shorts). The name Kinas was taken from Quinas, one of the symbols of the Portuguese national flag.

Euro 2008 in
Trix and Flix Euro 2008 mascotTrix and Flix
First twins mascots, dressed in red and white football gear, the national colors of the two hosts. The names were chosen after a vote from the public of the two host nations. The mascots were created by Warner Bros. Consumer Products.

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