Rooney: United still Kings of Manchester

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Wayne Rooney plans to show Manchester City who the real Kings of Manchester are in Sunday's eagerly-anticipated derby.

Rooney is revved up for Sunday having missed both of last season's defeats through injury and suspension.

City won both meetings but Manchester United went on to secure Premier League and Champions League glory.

But the Abu Dhabi United Group's takeover at City earlier this season has fuelled dreams that the Sky Blues can become the biggest club in the world.

And Sunday will serve up the first clash between both teams since the takeover.

"Sunday is a massive game. We owe the fans a derby win, even though we did win two trophies last season," Rooney said on an exclusive interview with Sky Sports 1.

"Losing both games last season was extremely disappointing.

"It is a massive game, especially after what has happened at City with the takeover.

"It will be nice to show them who the Kings of Manchester are."

"It doesn’t irritate us that City are getting all this publicity.

"If they were winning trophies it would irritate me but while they are still lingering in mid-table I am not really too bothered about it.

"The money coming into City is good for the league. For years the usual top four have been running away with it. You want more competition.

"If it happens that it is the top 10 fighting for the one place at the top then it will make it a more exciting league.

"It wouldn’t bother me if it was City making the challenge because you want competition."

With an eight-point gap with Premier League leaders Chelsea and Liverpool, Rooney believes United must beat City this weekend.

"It is a must-win game for us.

"We cannot afford not to win it, especially if Liverpool and Chelsea win.

"We have had some difficult away matches but we should still have done better.

"But we are still not too far away from Liverpool and Chelsea and that is the main thing for us.

"We normally finish the season strongly so hopefully we can do that again."

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