Ancelotti: Beckham is ready for Roma

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AC Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti has revealed that David Beckham could make his Serie A debut when the Rossoneri take on AS Roma in the first match back after the winter break.

Becks is at a training camp in Dubai with the rest of the Milan squad after joining the team on a short-term deal from the Los Angeles Galaxy.

There were question marks over his fitness during this loan spell and he appeared very tired after this week’s training sessions in Dubai, but Ancelotti claims he has been impressed so much by the former England captain and the allenatore admits that the 33-year-old star could get the nod against Roma.

"David is putting in a lot of effort like all the others," Ancelotti told Corriere dello Sport.

"We are working hard and even though he was out of action for two months before coming to us, he's withstood all our tests and his condition is good.

"He is lacking a bit of strength but that's normal considering his long break. He will play in the friendly against Hamburg.

"Will he play against Roma? He is ready to do so, why ever wouldn’t he be? It's true that he hasn't played for a while but he's working very hard and he's really making a great impression on me."

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