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Arsenal duo blast City's Kaká move

Friday, January 16, 2009

Arsenal captain Cesc Fàbregas and his boss Arsène Wenger have hit out at Manchester City's big money move for AC Milan superstar Kaká.

While Fàbregas insists that spending lots of money will guarantee nothing, Wenger believes the transfer would create a 'disturbance' in the transfer market.

City, backed by the Abu Dhabi United Group, have put £175 million on the table in a bid to prise the Brazilian away from the San Siro.

Fàbregas admits he was staggered by revelations City were poised to sign Kaka whatever the cost, but insists that, no matter how good a player is, money will never give any team a 'miracle overnight.'

The Spaniard told The Sun: "A team is not built by the cheque-book alone. Money is not the most important thing in football.

"I think the important thing is not to rush into signing a new player just because money is available.

"A good team will develop naturally and trying to speed up this process with lots of money can be dangerous.

"If the club is well run, and the money they now have is well spent on building a good team, Manchester City will be dangerous. But money cannot work a miracle overnight.

"For example, Manchester United have an expensive team. Yet they won the title because they were a strong group of players, who played good football and had the belief.

"Their philosophy of attacking football was clear and they were rewarded for that."

The 21-year-old midfielder was bought by Wenger from Barcelona at the age of 16 and came through the club’s coaching system to establish himself as one of the world’s best players.

He added: "At Arsenal we prefer to develop young players and give them their chance, as I was given my chance when I was a teenager.

"Other clubs can spend what they like but we are happy with the way we do things here. I have to say I feel lucky to be at Arsenal and part of the club’s philosophy.

"I am sure City will now have bigger ambitions. But only time will tell how successful City become. At Arsenal, we do not have the right to qualify for the Champions League every season. And City do not have that right either just because they are now very rich.

"In the future, City can perhaps be a top four team. With the foundations they have and what may happen in the future, anything is possible."

Gunners boss Wenger has been left shaking his head in disbelief at moneybags City making their staggering bid while thousands of fans can no longer cheer on their team after being thrown out of work.

The Frenchman said: "It does not look in connection with today's world because on one side we have the economic situation which is quite worrying and for me this is abstraction.

"The implications would be disturbance on the market, an inflationary trend in a deflationary world.

"We live in a football club who lives in the real world. It is more interesting to think how can we keep our fans than talking about Kaká. That is living in the real world.

"Some fans have been hit harder by the crisis — or will be. At the moment, England loses 3,000 jobs every day. If you think that will have no consequence on football, you are wrong."

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