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Manchester City chief executive Garry Cook believes that money was more important to Kaká's father, Bosco Leite, as he feels the AC Milan star's representatives was greedy.

Cook and the City delegation returned empty handed from Milan on Monday night after Kaká decided not to accept City's whopping £108 million offer.

The 11th-hour drama seems to have left a bitter taste in the mouth of Cook who felt that rather than looking at the wider picture, the deal just turned into one about money.

Cook explained: "We got past the first phase of agreeing a fee and the next step was about commercial terms.

"But you could see they were on a timescale and they wanted to jump straight to the third step which was about money.

"We wanted to talk to him about the opportunities and ideas we had for Kaká at City.

"We truly believe Kaká is a humanitarian of the highest order.

"We would have put resources there to help build his foundation and send a message to global football about what great players can do.

"Kaká has the capability to be the next global ambassador for the game.

"But his father just wanted an offer. He did not want to sit and talk about the rest of the stuff."

Cook says the transfer collapsed over negotiations with the 26-year-old’s father about sponsorship and image rights.

He estimates Kaká has 20 personal sponsorship deals, all tied in to his commitment to Milan, and if agreement could be reached with the player and his club, those individual deals would all require negotiation.

Yet Bosco refused to even show City the sponsorship deals for which they asked to be compensated.

"It was just too sophisticated," Cook added. "Bosco does not have a lawyer so when we asked whether we could see the contracts to know what we were dealing with, he just said 'show me the offer'. It was very frustrating.

"When we left for the airport we thought there would be more meetings. But then we got a phone call from Kaká’s side asking how much money they were getting and we had not even got to that step.

"It was clear then that it was just not going to happen and we pulled out."

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