Barça supports Valdés over Juninho goal

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Barcelona's beleaguered goalkeeper Víctor Valdés has been given unwavering support by his coach and team-mates after being heavily criticised for not saving Juninho's goal in Tuesday's Champions League clash against Olympique Lyon.

Former Brazil international Juninho scored for Lyon with a superb free-kick from wide on the left which curled towards goal and dipped in over Valdés.

It appeared as though the Catalan custodian could have done more to keep out the effort but coach Pep Guardiola and the Blaugrana players do not agree and have defended him.

"The goal from Juninho was a tremendous goal," Guardiola told the Spanish press. "Not even seven goalkeepers could have stopped it."

Samuel Eto'o added: "Not even Thomas N'Kono, who, for me, is the best goalkeeper ever, could have saved that. Juninho took a superb free-kick and he should be praised for that alone."

"Víctor is an excellent professional and Juninho is the best free-kick taker in the world at the moment," Yaya Touré explained.

Thierry Henry added: "Juninho can score against you at any time. You could have put three goalkeepers in the way and it would still have gone in."

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