Frank Lampard has an IQ of 150

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Frank Lampard is now referred to as "The Professor" by his Chelsea team-mates after the midfielder recorded an IQ score believed to be over 150.

Frank Lampard is the smartest player in the Chelsea squad
Frank Lampard is the smartest player in the Chelsea squad

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According to Daily Star, the 30-year-old took an intelligence test along with the rest of his Stamford Bridge team-mates.

The tests were conducted by Dr Brian English, the Chelsea club doctor, as part of research into how head injuries can affect footballers' neurological development.

Blues captain John Terry also scored highly and was placed third, but Lampard stole top honours.

"John Terry was in the top three, but Frank Lampard scored one of the highest sets of marks ever recorded by the company doing the tests, and higher than me," Dr English said.

Although exact results were not revealed, Lampard's reported score of 150 would place him among the top 0.1 percent in the country, which would be enough to secure the international a place in respected high-IQ society, Mensa, which has minimum requirement of 148.

Lampard, who obtained 12 GCSEs while at school in Essex and alleged to have secured an A in Latin, also rivals former Countdown maths whizz Carol Vorderman, who scored 154.

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