UEFA label Liverpool squad size 'ridiculous'

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UEFA have branded as "ridiculous" the number of players on the payroll of the Premier League's Big Four clubs, with Liverpool, who under Rafa Benítez have 62 senior players registered, have come in for particular criticism.

Liverpool have so many players that Benítez has been able to loan out 17 of them this season, with many of those youngsters claiming they find the situation "frustrating" and "demoralising."

UEFA limit clubs to 25 players each for the Champions League and their general secretary, David Taylor, speaking to The Observer, said: "Ridiculous. 62? You could have two full-size practice games.

"You can only field 11 at one time. It's an open question as to how many you actually need. Is it 20, 25?"

When he was asked what benefit Liverpool might derive from having such a huge squad he responded, "You'd have to ask them."

The Premier League said squad size was a matter for individual clubs. "The size of a club's squad is for the club to decide upon. They will have their own aspirations to progress in different competitions over the season and as such will have a squad available to them that they feel meets those demands."

Arsenal and Manchester United have more than 50 players each and Chelsea 46, while Bolton Wanderers have the fewest with 27.

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