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Adriano in Brazil - Agent

Monday, April 6, 2009

Gilmar Rinaldi, the agent of Adriano, has revealed that his client is currently in Rio de Janeiro with his family and will not return to Italy on Monday.

The Inter Milan striker terrified colleagues, friends and family when he went AWOL after international duty and and did not get on the flight back to Italy.

Many reports have circulated in Brazil over the weekend as to his whereabouts and plans, including a theory he would return to Italy on Monday.

"No, he won't be coming back to Italy tomorrow," explained Rinaldi on Globo TV.

The agent also responded to rampant press speculation that Adriano had been kidnapped, attempted suicide, or was found in a party in the slums where he grew up.

He added: "These people are crazy, absolutely none of that is true. Adriano is at his home in Rio with his family and will go to see some local games.

"In particular he wants to be there for the Flamengo-Fluminense derby. I even heard stories that I was in Rio right now in a police station waiting for Adriano to be interrogated, but I'm in São Paulo!"

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