Messi: It is not possible to play in La Paz

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Argentina star Lionel Messi believes that playing football in the 3,600 meters high of La Paz is "impossible", but that it is not an excuse for their stunning 6-1 defeat to Bolivia.

The 10-man Argentina were completely outclassed by their hosts as Diego Maradona suffered his first defeat in charge of the Albiceleste.

Speaking to reporters at Buenos Aires’ airport, Messi said: "Personally, I think that it is impossible to play there, even if some players manage to do it. But it cannot be an excuse for our defeat.

"We did not expect to lose like that. Playing in La Paz is tough and everything turned their way. We are still hurt by the way we lose the game. But we have to move on, turn things our way and correct our mistakes."

Whilst Messi was critical of the altitude that the game was played at, captain Javier Mascherano was more accepting of the way that Bolivia outclassed them.

"Bolivia played the perfect game," he said after the defeat.

"For some of us, playing at that height was new, for others it was not, but we cannot say that we lost because of it. We lost because our opponents played better and we did not do things well."

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