Paolo Maldini: My Korean regrets

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Paolo Maldini admits he would love to replay the 2002 game against South Korea, a game that he rates as his biggest regret.

In what proved to be his final appearance for Italy, the AC Milan captain made a mistake that allowed Ahn Jung-Hwan to snatch a Golden Goal, knocking the Azzurri out of the World Cup.

"If I could play one game again, it would not be Milan-Liverpool in Istanbul," Maldini said of the Champions League Final in which they threw away a 3-0 lead in six minutes.

"We played there for 120 minutes like Gods and for six like idiots.

"No, I’d love to replay the 2002 game against South Korea.

"I can still see Ahn Jung-Hwan’s Golden Goal, my last moment in the Nazionale."

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