Soccer coach punches referee after being sent off

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A Brazilian soccer coach punched the referee on the chin after being ejected from the bench.

Television pictures showed Comercial coach Pedro Santilli, a former assistant coach for Brazil's national team in 2000, losing his temper during Sunday's match against Catanduvense in the second division of the São Paulo state championship.

Comercial were losing 1-0 when Santilli entered the field to remove a ball which was out of play in an attempt to speed up play, and on his way back to the bench he shoved an opposing player into the ground.

After the referee ejected Santilli, the coach once again charged onto the field, arguing with the referee before suddenly landing a right-fisted punch on the official's chin

The referee then moved out of the way and players quickly arrived to escort Santilli off the field - you might expect this type of disgraceful
behavior when you play tournament poker, but definitely not in soccer.

Comercial eventually lost 1-0 and were relegated to the third division.

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