Tomáš Ujfaluši quits Czech Republic

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Czech Republic captain Tomáš Ujfaluši has retired from international football after public criticism of a late night restaurant visit following the World Cup qualifier defeat against Slovakia last week.

Ujfaluši and several other Czech internationals were under fire after a tabloid newspaper hit out at them for going to a restaurant late at night after the team lost 2-1 to Slovakia in Prague last Wednesday.

Pictures were published and allegations made regarding the company he was keeping, and Ujfaluši does not feel he was supported well enough by the Czech Football Association.

"I give up playing for the national team based on the current situation in the Czech Football Association and in Czech media," Ujfaluši said in a statement on the CTK news agency.

"It is the result of the situation after the latest qualifying matches."

Agent Dalibor Lacina added: "The federation didn't stand by them."

Ujfaluši had become a regular starter since his international debut in a friendly against Macedonia in 2001. The Atlético Madrid player scored two goals in 78 internationals.

Another key Czech defender, Marek Jankulovski of AC Milan, said he is also considering retiring.

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